U.K. Jeweler Makes $876,819 Bling for Dogs

If you’re wealthy, chances are you splurge on your pets more than the average dog or cat owner. If you’re stinking rich, you’re probably spending more on them than the average worker makes in a month — or even a year. For those that fall into this category, you may want to check out the designs created by London-based canine entrepreneur Nathalie Knauf. She made the news recently for her latest creation for pampered pets, a piece of diamond-encrusted bling fit for a queen that costs an eye-watering $876,819!

Jewelry for Dogs

For anyone who happens to be in the market for a bespoke diamond dog collar for their furry friend this Christmas, then Knauf, the founder of Knauf Jewellery and Soho Poms, is absolutely your gal. An ardent animal supporter, she grew up around them and works with a number of canine charities while recently becoming an ambassador for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. Her brand features luxury dog shampoos and accessories, but as a jeweler, now you can get flashy gems from her as well.

Photo: YouTube/EuroNews

Bespoke Jewelry

In an interview with euronews, she noted, “I was asked to already do a project before from a client in London who wanted something to match their own necklaces and earrings. So I brought the idea forward and created this piece myself. Of course, it’s a luxury, but luxury for some people has no limits. It is definitely the most expensive dog item I have ever made. Even I don’t own jewelry that expensive myself.” 

Dog Bling

Knauf originally worked in finance, but she left her job and went back to study gemology for three years after her husband asked her if she’d like to join him in creating jewelry. While the piece is stunning, it certainly isn’t something you’d allow your dog to wear every day unless you’re Mariah Carey, maybe. The necklace/collar is worth an estimated GBP 755,000, which is closer to USD 876,819 as of the time of this writing. If you just have to have one, you might want to start writing Santa now, but don’t hold your breath. Watch the YouTube video below.

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