Watch How a Blind Rescue Cat Navigates His Daily Life in a Loving and Supportive Environment

Special needs animals are often not adopted because most people find the responsibility overwhelming. There’s always a misconception that the effort to care for them should be twice as much as how you care for normal pets. Yes, you have to be extra careful with them, but once you and your pet figure out a routine, it becomes easier.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeat Animals

For instance, blind animals greatly depend on a routine. The key factor to making their daily lives easier is consistency. Animals can quickly adapt to situations, and their other senses are heightened. Do not underestimate the capability of an animal to maneuver their lives despite their disability — they have great survival instincts. You can witness that through the life of a blind rescue cat named Rudy.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeat Animals

“He opens your eyes to realizing that all creatures, regardless of their disabilities deserve a home, a loving home, and have a lot to offer the world,” Amanda said. She is the fur parent of Rudy, a blind rescue cat whose eyes were removed when he was a kitten. His mother left him along with his other siblings — all of which were infected. The local rescue that took them in informed Amanda that all of the kittens had severe nasal and eye infections.

“All six of the kittens that were part of his litter ended up having one if not both eyes removed due to the infection,” Amanda explained. “We came across Rudy. We just fell in love. My husband and I, we both cried when we saw him.” Rudy already showed his sweet personality to Amanda when they first met. He even cuddled with his forever fur mom while on the road — he probably knew he was going home.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeat Animals

The couple thought of plans to make the house more comfortable for the blind cat. It turns out they don’t have to do everything, since Rudy is trying to adapt to his new environment independently. He was figuring things out on his own — undoubtedly an intelligent feline who won’t be hindered even by blindness. Rudy knows how many stairs there are at home, and he has already memorized the details of Amanda’s house.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeat Animals

“We try and keep everything consistent. He knows exactly where to go for his treats, and he might hang out there half the day because he might just get some more,” Amanda shared. Aside from Rudy, the couple also keeps two other cats — Big Kitty, who is one-eyed, and Little Kitty. Both are close to Rudy and always seem to have fun at home. Rudy likes to have a companion and is comforted by the thought that someone is close to him.

Another way Rudy can easily navigate his daily life is based on sounds and movements. He takes comfort in things that make sounds because that is where he bases his next move. The blind cat is truly incredible and has even mastered timing. “He has an understanding of timing as well, so he can tell how far away and how long that cat has been sitting there,” the fur mom proudly shared with GeoBeats Animals.

Rudy is undoubtedly an inspirational creature. He never allowed his lack of sight to hinder him from having a life. Watching the video will make you wonder if he’s really blind because he really is doing well. May his story encourage you not to be afraid of adopting a special needs animal. Remember that you have to be as supportive as Amanda because it will greatly help them. You could also follow their Instagram page to get a good glimpse of the life of being a fur parent to a blind cat.

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