Blind Goat Lives a Comfortable Life with The Help of Her Humans at The Shore Sanctuary

Animals with disabilities do not deserve to be neglected and abandoned. They must be given proper vet care according to their complications. If you cannot shoulder the responsibility of nurturing one, then it’s best to ask rehabilitation centers or sanctuaries for help. Aside from medical and daily needs, they need a place where they are accepted regardless of their disability. Genuine love and care are essential to boost their confidence — to enjoy life despite their condition. Animals with special needs will grow best in a supportive environment. Lots of sanctuaries have given that hope to their residents. Beautiful relationships were built — both animals and humans learned unconditional love from one another.

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For a blind goat named Rhea, that home is The Shore Sanctuary. She is greatly loved by her precious humans ever since they took her in, especially her buddy, Alex. Before Rhea arrived at the sanctuary, she spent her early days at a local test lab in San Diego. “Soon after she was born, she developed polio, which left her unviable for the testing that they had at that specific facility,” Ash from The Shore Sanctuary explained. Out of love for the young Rhea, the workers at the lab refused to abandon her. Instead, they reached out to the sanctuary and permitted them to take her.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“Rhea is completely blind, cannot see at all, no shadows. Typically, goats have these really cool rectangular shaped pupils, and Rhea does not have those,” Ash shared. Her round pupils were an indicator of her blindness. Due to her health condition, the sanctuary provided her with proper medical attention. They also had nights when they had to wake up to feed her and change her diaper. Everyone made sure that Rhea’s stay would be comfortable — making her fall in love with the place more and more each day. Although she’s blind, Rhea already memorized the farm and loves to roam around with her best friend, Alex.

The two have created such an adorable bond that Rhea can easily recognize Alex’s voice. The goat can quickly determine where Alex is — her head perks up, then she runs to her beloved human. Rhea always looks excited whenever Alex is nearby. He’s one of the reasons why being blind never bothered the lovely goat. Without fail, Alex spends time with Rhea every day — either playing or lounging around together. And when she’s not sitting beside Alex, Rhea is playing and going on her mini farm adventures. She’s a very active goat — you’ll never even notice that she’s blind. Rhea can easily navigate her daily life as her other senses are enhanced due to the lack of sight.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

They have a comfortable living arrangement at home. Rhea also stays indoors and has a bed near Alex. With how close they are, it’s easier for Alex to reach out his hand to Rhea and extend emotional support and attention. She really feels most at home when Alex is around. Although she gets to spend time with goats, Rhea still prefers the company of her human best friend and even canines. She may not have a deep friendship with the goats at the sanctuary, but she sparked a connection with one pig named Cherrylee. They are inseparable friends, and Rhea might have helped Cherrylee heal from her trauma.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“We do everything we can for her, seeing as where she came from,” Alex said. Rhea’s disabilities might be blessings in disguise. If she wasn’t blind or didn’t have polio, she would still be in a testing lab and not freely roaming around her safe space. “I tell Rhea every day how special she is. I always want to make sure that she knows how grateful I am and that even though we may have rescued her, she gives us so much more in return than I feel like we could ever give to her,” Alex lovingly said. They truly do radiate love when together and were clearly meant to find one another. Rhea has found home — a place that nurtured her mentally, physically, and emotionally. You’ll surely love her story and her friendships, which you can witness below.

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