Blind Girl With Autism Steals The Show With Beautiful Piano Ensemble

When you are at the train station in Birmingham, England, you may see a piano sitting off to the side. It was placed at that location for anyone who wanted to play.

Perhaps you have even seen the talent show, “The Piano,” featured on channel 4, and hosted by Claudia Winkleman.

Photo: YouTube/n3td3v

Along with pop star Mika and concert pianist, Lang Lang, they judge the talent that takes a seat.

One day, a 13-year-old girl named Lucy stopped to play the piano. This might come as a surprise to you when you see her because Lucy is blind and autistic.

Photo: YouTube/n3td3v

Along with those apparent problems, she has certain sensory difficulties and struggles with social and learning situations.

After she took a seat at the piano, however, it seemed as if all of her problems faded away. She pounded out Chopin on the keys, stopping passersby dead in their tracks.

Photo: YouTube/n3td3v

It’s amazing what some people are able to do, despite all odds.

Watch Lucy playing the piano in this video:

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