13-Year-Old Blind Girl Gives a Jaw-Dropping Piano Performance of Chopin’s Music

Music is truly a powerful element that heals and makes people feel livelier. Humans were given the ability to reach other people through the language of notes and lyrical compositions. It’s a magical way of communication and unites even those who don’t share the same language. That’s why many people fall in love with the art, which often leads to pursuing a career in music. Some are innately born with the talent to speak the musical language. Although they have a disability, their talent naturally shows and develops. Beethoven has created masterpiece by masterpiece despite his lack of hearing. He has a natural gift for art, which made him one of the most well-known composers and pianists.

Photo: Pexels/Anastasia Kolchina

Aside from Beethoven, the world has given birth to many prodigies with disabilities. They continued the beat and amazed people for doing something that seemed impossible. A 13-year-old girl named Lucy is one of those admirable prodigies. She has stunned people with her talent, most especially when they were informed of her blindness. It seemed so unbelievable because, to play music, you need your eyes to navigate the piano keys. Her talent was made known to the internet when she joined a Channel 4 broadcast program entitled “The Piano.”

Photo: Twitter/Rex Chapman

Judges of the show, including Lang Lang, also a notable pianist, were bewildered by the performance Lucy did on the show. They were utterly speechless and stunned by the fact that a blind young girl could learn such a complex composition piece. Her performance took place at Leeds City Railway Station, where she successfully made people stop whatever they were doing. Those busy with their phones looked up for a while and watched her magnificent performance of Chopin’s nocturne in B flat minor. Lucy was accompanied by two guardians who helped her comfortably play in a public place. They also explained why Lucy would cover her ears at the end of her performance.

Everyone who happened to be at the station was immersed in the heartfelt music. Surely, it will be forever engraved in their minds, and whenever they hear the nocturne, the amazing blind girl will be remembered. But it wasn’t only the audience at the train station who got to witness the astounding Lucy. The video of her performance was uploaded on social media and has gained 4.7 million views on Twitter. It also had lots of engagement as the tweet received 10.8k retweets, over 2k quote retweets, and 65k likes.

Photo: Twitter/Rex Chapman

People couldn’t help but praise the prodigy in the reply section — Lucy has won many hearts and inspired the viewers. She is a masterpiece herself, and anyone would be proud of the talent she shared with the world. You’ll be a fan of hers once you watch the video below. Don’t forget to retweet or share the link to amaze someone today.

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