Blind Dog Rescued From Euthanasia Saves Girl From Drowning

A blind dog saved a teen girl from drowning after he was rescued from a shelter and given a second chance at life.

The yellow labrador retriever named Norman was dropped off at the shelter back in 1993.

Photo: YouTube/Questar Entertainment

According to Questar Entertainment, Norman was abandoned by his original owners as a puppy and was scheduled to be euthanized.

Thankfully, a family came to his rescue and adopted him the day before he was going to be put to sleep.

According to Medium, Annette McDonald of Seaside, Oregon saw Norman in the shelter and knew she had to take him.

Photo: YouTube/Questar Entertainment

Unfortunately, shortly after rescuing Norman, Annette discovered his vision was quickly deteriorating. It wasn’t long before he went completely blind.

Despite his loss of vision, Norman continued to live a happy life and one of his favorite places to go was to the beach near the mouth of the Necanicum River. He loved walking along the sand and playing in the water.

In July of 1996, Annette decided to skip work for the day and instead take Norman down to his favorite spot at the beach. When they got down to the beach, Norman began to act strangely.

Photo: YouTube/Questar Entertainment

According to Medium, he took off down the beach and sprinted away – despite Annette’s cries and pleas for him to stop. She ran behind him, chasing him down the beach, and watched as he dove into the water and began to swim.

Annette didn’t know it, but shortly before they got there, 15-year-old Lisa Nibley was swimming in the river with her brother Joe when the tide began to come in and sweep them upstream. Joe was able to swim to shore, but Lisa was caught in the current and it was pulling her underwater.

Lisa began to run out of air and strength as she fought to make it to shore. She screamed for help, but she was too far away for anyone to hear – except for Norman.

Photo: YouTube/Questar Entertainment

Norman followed her cries for help and plunged into the water to save her. He couldn’t see where Lisa was, but he followed her voice until she was able to grab onto his collar. The two made it back to shore and Annette was able to comfort Lisa and ensure she was safe.

Norman acted as Lisa’s guardian angel that day. Check out the video below:

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