Blind Cat “Sneak Attacks” Family Around The House

A cheeky rescue cat may not have eyes, but he doesn’t let that slow him down. In fact, he “sneak attacks” his family around the house!

Rudy was born in March of 2018 and has spent most of his life living without vision. That doesn’t stop him from getting up to mischief with his furry siblings and human family.

The Bodhi Dog pet products shared Rudy’s story on Instagram, explaining that he was adopted him from Forget Me Not Animal Shelter in Republic, Washington when he was 5 months old.

Unfortunately, Rudy and his littermates, who were born into a feral cat colony, all suffered from nasal infections. The infections resulted in the rescue kittens having to have one or both eyes removed. Rudy was one of the unfortunate kittens who lost both of his eyes. Bodhi Dog said, “His now family drove 10 hours round-trip to get Rudy and cuddled and loved on him the whole way home.”

“Rudy of course is blind but you would never know it. He has adapted to life with his adopted family and two other cats very well. He loves to play, eat and is highly motivated by treats. He loves to be around people and relies on sound and smell to navigate the house. Rudy loves to purr, nuzzle and get lots of pets by his family!” they added.

In an interview with GeoBeats Animals, Rudy’s owner shared that he refuses to let his lack of eyesight slow him down in life. Ever since they welcomed him home, he’s learned his way around the house. In fact, his owner shared that “from early on, Moby loved to mess with the family dog, Moby.”

Rudy didn’t slow down with his shenanigans, either.

You can learn more about Rudy’s story and mischief in the video below:

To keep up with Rudy, you can follow him on Instagram, @rudythewondercat.

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