Blind Boy With Autism Visits Santa For The Very First Time

Many of us remember visiting Santa Claus when we were children. It was a day that we would all go out together as a family to the mall to sit on his lap and get our picture taken.

Most of us probably never thought about those who have difficulty visiting Santa. Sure, there were some who don’t want to do it or perhaps some that don’t like the beard, but most of us would struggle through it at the very least.

And then, there’s the young boy that we read about from his mother, Misty Wolf. She wanted to have that special moment when her son could sit on Santa’s lap and give him his list of wishes. Unfortunately, she felt that he would never have the moment.

You see, Matthew was born blind and he has autism. He probably couldn’t get excited about Santa Claus because he had never seen him and didn’t know much about him.

Misty shared on Facebook that she decided to change that by reading him the poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Matthew began to realize who Santa Claus was.

Even though it was a busy time, with kids lining up and waiting to give Santa their wishes, they waited. Matthew then walked up to him. Misty told Santa quietly about Matthew’s condition, and Santa knew just what to do.

He bent down, asked him to feel his coat, and then asked him to pull his beard.

He even felt over Santa’s eyes because he wanted to feel them twinkle. Santa then took things to the next level.

He carried Matthew in his arms to the reindeer statue and Matthew absolutely loved it. They then had some pictures taken with Matthew sitting on his lap.

As it turns out, Santa was feeling just as special as Matthew. According to CBS News, he said: “You relate to the child and what the child needs. [Matthew] has never seen the world the way we have seen the world.”

You can see more about their touching interaction in the video below:

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