You Helped Get Thousands of Blankets to Ukrainians in 2022, We Hope to Send More in 2023

Each year, GreaterGood strives to use our resources to help people, the planet, and pets. Thanks to your support last year, we were able to achieve our fundraising target for many programs in these areas, and then some.

In 2022, our goal was to raise $4 million. We beat that by nearly $200,000! Among the help we were able to provide with these funds was badly needed resources for Ukrainians, who continue to struggle amid ongoing Russian attacks. These attacks have damaged infrastructure and left many without heat. That’s why we’ve worked to get warm wool blankets to as many people as possible. Throughout the year, we were able to distribute thousands of these Ukrainian-made blankets in areas most in need.


As part of our 2023 goal of raising $5 million, we’re committed to continuing our support of the people and pets of Ukraine. As GreaterGood CEO Tim Kunin explains in his letter below, we can’t do it without your help.

Letter from CEO Tim Kunin

Much of Ukraine is without electricity and heat due to Russia’s continued attacks against civilian infrastructure and the utility grid. Freezing winter temperatures and lack of essential supplies are putting lives at risk.

In November and December, your generosity funded over $233,000 in support for the people and pets of Ukraine, including $110,000 to send nourishing meals and funds to purchase more than 12,000 blankets!

We cannot delay additional aid, so I’m personally working with a factory in Kharkiv, Ukraine, (which I plan to visit in February during my third Ukrainian trip) to hasten the manufacture of 25,000 wool-blend blankets of the same quality which the United Nations buys for distribution to keep people and pets alive.


I’ve also made the decision that we will divert proceeds from each purchase of our blanket and bedding this month to likewise deliver a blanket to families in need in Ukraine.

Please Buy 1, Give 1 and help send needed warmth or contribute directly to the funding of blanket manufacture and distribution. If you’d like to contribute further, you can also help provide kits for families to make hearty meals.

I have received many appreciative messages since blanket distributions from Greater Good Charities have begun. I am sharing a couple with you here. Thank you so much for helping the people and pets of Ukraine.


“I sincerely appreciate your support of Ukraine and grateful to all your team and all the people involved. Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year. All the best in 2023.”

~ Anton, Blanket Factory Supervisor in Kharkiv, Ukraine

“I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for this donation! Last week we distributed 4,000 blankets in Bilyi Kolodyaz in the Kharkiv region. This village was occupied from the 24th of February and liberated on the 11th of September. The people who remained here are mostly elderly who really depend on humanitarian aid, as the situation is very difficult. Additionally, 2,000 blankets are currently being distributed in the Zaporizhia region for people who moved to the city from the Russian-occupied territories and for elderly people who remained in the very dangerous areas near the front line.”

~ Martyna, Greater Good Charities, Field Operations Coordinator

Tim Kunin
CEO and Co-Founder

People, Pets & Planet

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