This Lion’s Definition of a Good Night’s Sleep Is Being Wrapped Around His Favorite Blanket

Lions are always deemed as ferocious animals and untouchable creatures. But what people tend to forget is that they are also cats. The beast who rules the wild also has a cute side. You’ll notice those adorable characteristics if you spend time with them. You can do this from afar or by volunteering in animal shelters.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Becker1999

Wild animals should stay in the wild and not as pets. They may be large felines, but lions won’t fare well in a human home. It will only pose dangers to the lion itself and the people around them. Lions are meant to be free and thrive in grassy lands.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

For this reason, the illegal purchase of wild animals to treat them as pets should be firmly banned. Lambert the lion was a victim of unlawful marketing of wild animals. He was once purchased by a man until he abandoned the little lion. Lambert wasn’t in his best condition when In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue volunteered to take him. The poor cub was shaken during his first day at the shelter. Thankfully, Vicky Keahey, the owner of the wildlife rescue, was there to accompany him.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Vicky and the rest of the staff helped Lambert get used to the center’s environment. They even gave the cub his own blanket, which eventually became a source of comfort for him. Wrapping Lambert with a blanket became the cub and Vicky’s night routine. Since then, Lambert could not sleep without it as it makes him feel safe. He carried the endearing habit until he grew into a handsome adult lion.

Lambert still stays in the shelter even though he has recovered his health. Apparently, it will be difficult for the lion to live alone in the wild since he grew up in a different environment. Nevertheless, the shelter is still better than the indoors. It may not be as spacious as a lion’s natural habitat, but he can still freely run around the center’s 7,000 square feet of space. The area is modified to look similar to wild grassy lands, including a swimming pool.

The grown-up Lambert has been found by the right group of people. In Sync Exotics Wild Rescue isn’t just Lambert’s home, but he is joined by other wild animals as well. The shelter is on a continuous journey to save feral cats and give them a good home — primarily when setting them free in the wild isn’t a safe option. You can visit their rescue center during the weekends. See the visiting information details by opening their website.

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