The Last Two Vultures Were Just Released Into The Skies Of Bulgaria After Years Of Conservation Efforts

It was a momentous time in Bulgaria recently when the last two female Cinereous Vultures were released into the skies.

According to the EuroNatur Foundation, the black vulture populations died out in Bulgaria over sixty years ago.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Conservation efforts began some 7 years ago to bring the vultures back into Bulgarian skies and it seems those efforts are finally paying off.

In fact, since 2018 an estimated 70 black vultures have been released in various regions of the Balkan Mountains. Most recently, the last two black vultures in the conservation aviary at the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park were released.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the EuroNatur Foundation, Hristo Peshev with the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna said:

“After all the reintroductions of recent years, the release of these last two female vultures was still something special. It will be exciting to see how the vultures acclimatise to their new environment. I am confident that they will be successful, like the majority of the other vultures released into the wild.”

Вчера успешно бяха освободени в природата два черни лешояда от волиерата над с. Д. Озирово. Предаватели за проследяване…

Posted by Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna FWFF / Фонд за дивата флора и фауна ФДФФ on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bulgaria’s Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna shared about the release on Facebook, saying:

“Yesterday, two black vultures were successfully released into the wild from the aviary close to D. Ozirovo village (Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park). Tracking transmitters were placed on the two female birds by Hristo Peshev, as Polya Ruseva, Iva Zhekova and Zhoro Stoyanov also took part in the action.”

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