UK Farmer Left Baffled After His Black Nose Sheep Turn Pink On Top

On the Cannon Hill Farm in Barnsley, UK, you will find plenty of sheep. The owner, Richard Nicholson, tends to them regularly and they even have a flock of Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep that they breed to increase the population.

Recently, however, Nicholson was out tending to the sheep when he noticed that some of his black nose sheep were looking a little different that day. They had pink heads, and he wondered why it happened.

Photo: YouTube/The Independent

According to CBC Radio, at first, he thought somebody had taken a spray paint can and played a prank on the sheep but then he realized that they had a new feeder that was red, and they had been rubbing their heads against it.

Regardless of why it happened, Nicholson says those sheep are now becoming “fashion icons all around the world” as more and more people are falling in love with the unusual animals.

Photo: YouTube/The Independent

It isn’t unusual to see those black nose sheep on the Cannon Hill Farm. That family farm has been breeding them for a number of years to help bring their numbers up in the UK. They are already adorable and easy to spot but now that some have the splash of pink added, they are irresistible.

According to CBC Radio, Nicholson said: “We’ve been breeding them to try and bring the numbers back up again, and a lot of people are buying them just because they look so attractive in the fields.”

Recently, Cannon Hill Farm uploaded information on their Facebook page, saying that the pink-headed sheep are looking for a new home.

If you happen to get one, you aren’t only getting an adorable and fashionable sheep, you are getting an animal with a lot of personality.

Check out the video below to see more of the pink-headed sheep:

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