A Young Black Lab Named Shaw Needs a Committed Human Who Has His Best Interests in Mind

Shaw is a 1-year-old black Lab weighing in at 96 pounds! He has had a rough start in life, as he was originally purchased from a breeder and then given to a second owner who only had him for three months. Unfortunately, he was free-fed in his previous home, which caused him to be approximately 20 pounds overweight. He needs an adopter who is committed to his weight loss journey so that he can be a healthy, active young fella.

adoptable black lab
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Alpha Males Need Not Apply

Shaw, who is a neutered male, lived with eight other dogs in his previous home and currently is in foster care with another young male Lab. Although he was afraid of his foster sibling at first, it didn’t take long before he wanted to play with him. Shaw does show some higher-ranking traits which may not work with another higher-ranking dog in the same home. However, he would probably do great with a submissive dog who wants to play and snuggle with him.

Shaw is crate trained and sleeps in his crate throughout the night. He goes into it quite easily with a treat when left home alone. He is housebroken, uses a dog door, and has not been destructive in the home or yard. Shaw did not know any commands or how to walk on a leash when he came to his foster home, but they’ve been working with him, and he now knows sit and down and is working on stay, leave it, and find it. He is also making daily progress on his leash skills.

adoptable black lab
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Adopting Young Dogs

Shaw does not know how to play fetch but he does like tug-of-war with a rope toy. He has not attempted to get into the swimming pool, but he’ll probably enjoy it once he gets his toes wet. Shaw was also afraid of car rides initially, but he will now jump in a vehicle on his own. Although he is still nervous while riding in the car, he will likely improve with experience and enjoy going places with you.

Shaw can be mouthy when he is excited, which may not be a good match with small children. However, with training and patience, he will probably improve in this and other areas. He really just needs someone to work with him that will be patient and consistent.

adoptable labrador retriever
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

When Shaw originally came to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue, he had a lot of anxiety and many fears; however, after just a few weeks in his foster home, he has settled in to be a very sweet boy. In other words, he’s made great strides in a very short period of time. If you’re interested in adopting this handsome young gent with all of his potential, you can find an adoption application here.

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