There Reason Black Diamond Apples Cost A Whopping $7 A Piece

Did you know that there are more than 7,500 different varieties of apples in the world? That’s enough to eat a different article every day for decades and still never have the same one twice!

Some of them are fairly common and we might find them in the grocery store. Others, however, are rarer and those heirloom varieties can be expensive.

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Included in the expensive type of Apple is the Black Diamond. If you’ve had an opportunity to try one of these apples, you probably fell in love with it but you likely didn’t love the price. These apples cost a minimum of $7 each, according to Taste of Home.

Although the Black Diamond apples may look a little ominous, there is nothing bad about them. They are rare because they grow in remote areas and they require certain growing conditions that are not found everywhere.

Black Diamond apples are similar in color to plums. Although they are deep purple, they are dark enough that they are considered to be black. That can be seen in these Facebook pictures from the Progressive Growers Association of India. Those farmers grow these and other apples near the Himalayas.

As far as the price is concerned, it has more to do with the delivery than the apple itself. Since Black Diamond apples are found in such distant parts of the Earth, including this small area in Tibet, you will spend at least seven dollars for each Black Diamond Apple.

These apples, which come from Nyingchi, Tibet turned a dark purple color because of their environment. The temperature fluctuates widely throughout the night and they get plenty of ultraviolet light during the day. The temperatures where they grow are rarely above 80°F but sometimes, they drop just below freezing.

It may be possible to grow Black Diamond apples in the United States but there are no planting zones that would work very well for them. Even in Tibet, the farmers don’t often plant them because it takes eight years for the tree to reach maturity and begin producing fruit.

Photo: flickr/Forest Starr and Kim Starr

Some farmers take the risk and grow the apples. When they do, they may have an opportunity to sell them at a premium but it is still risky, to say the least.

You could always head to Asia to purchase a Black Diamond apple but you may be able to have them delivered to your home as well. In either case, it’s something to add to your bucket list.

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