Black Bear Breaks Into Woman’s House By Using Its Mouth To Open The Door

A homeowner in New Jersey was startled when a black bear opened her door and broke into her home while she was there.

Susan Kehoe happens to be a black bear biologist and she knew just what to do when she saw the furry black head pop into her living room.

Photo: TikTok/@susankehoe1

The bear used its mouth to open and close the doorknob and Susan was able to capture the whole thing on video.

As a biologist, she studies black bears and knows more about them than the average person, but she wasn’t expecting work to follow her home!

Photo: TikTok/@susankehoe1

In the clip, which Susan shared on social media, you can hear her talking to the black bear like she’d talk to a dog. She calmly addressed the bear and asked the wild animal to leave the house.

“Close the door, sweetie. Close the door. Good boy,” she can be heard saying.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

According to Inside Edition, the homeowner said she felt confident in her ability to do the right thing to prevent the bear from acting aggressively. She has her career as a black bear biologist to thank for that.

You can check out the video below to see Susan interact with the black bear:

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I can’t imagine staying so calm with a wild animal breaking in like that! Props to Susan for handling the situation so well.

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