Curious Black Bear Cub Plays In The Road While Mama Grazes Nearby

An adorable bear cub was filmed playing with a rag on the road and it’s too cute!

The bear was filmed in Southeastern British Columbia, Canada. While the little cub played in the road, mama bear grazed in the grass nearby.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Human mamas can probably relate to trying to get something done while their children play nearby. The little cub also found an interesting toy while playing as well: an old rag!

The tiny cub grabbed the rag and stood up on its hind legs, tossing the flag around. He walked like a little human back and forth with the rag in its mouth.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Black bear cubs are known to be playful, and this little cub demonstrates just how playful they can be. Mom checks in on the cub a few times to see what it’s playing with and then goes back to grazing. The bear seemed uninterested in looking for snacks, and more interested in playing. Typical child things!

The woman who filmed the scene told ViralHog, “The bear cub encounters a rag on the road and plays with it.”

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

You can watch the sweet moment for yourself in the video below:

How cute is that? Have you ever seen a little black bear playing before? Let us know!

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