Woman Tries To “Sweet Talk” A Black Bear But Then He Starts To Charge Her

Not all of us live in an area where bears are a regular part of our lives. Sometimes, we only run into them when we are on vacation and that is what Illet Al Junaidi experienced.

I’ll be the first one to admit that even if you don’t know anything about bears, you would still have to respect them at least a little if you were in the area. Bears can be dangerous and although they don’t often attack humans unprovoked, you never know what is going to provoke them.

Photo: TikTok/@illsvvs

Junaidi got this experience first-hand in the middle of October 2020. She was visiting Tennessee when she happened to get up close and personal with the bear and she decided to share the experience with others.

Like many people, she decided that social media would be the perfect place to show people just how adorable this little bear was. She was shooting the video, calling the bear a cutie, and trying to coax him in when suddenly, things turned for the worse.

Photo: TikTok/@illsvvs

Even though she was on the other side of a gate, and the bear was walking up the walkway toward her, she had quite a start when the bear took off toward her. Suddenly, she was yelling and running in the other direction and ended up back in her cabin.

Fortunately, she wasn’t injured but she was shaken up quite a bit after it. She ended up staying in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a four-day trip but she never went out of the cabin after meeting up with the bear for the first time.

Photo: TikTok/@illsvvs

Perhaps it was for the best because you never know what a bear is going to do. The National Park Service said that they are unpredictable and although they don’t attack humans very often, they could kill a human if they wanted.

As far as Junaidi is concerned, it was just a good experience and one that she hopes she never has again life. She also decided to share the video on TikTok, so at least she has something viral to show for it.

@illsvvs This bear did me so dirty 😒 #smokeymountains #fyp #funny #bear ♬ original sound – Ills🇾🇪

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