Will You Be My Valentine?

Looking for love? Your search is over.

BISSELL Pet Foundation is making it even easier for you to find true love this Valentine’s Day by hosting an Empty The Shelters event from February 9 – 15, 2023.

They are “spreading the love” by sponsoring reduced adoption fees to $50 or less for shelter pets at over 40 animal shelters.

Dogs and cat provide unconditional love and there are thousands waiting to be someone’s valentine. BISSELL encourages people to adopt a valentine.

If you are in search of a sweet and affectionate fella, then Smokey is the dog for you. Humane Society of West Michigan confirms that the 2-year-old “house hippo” is a perfect gentleman. His foster family shared, “He’s a soft, sensitive boy who loves to play and cuddle. He is obsessed with his favorite ball and enjoys running around in the yard and with his ball in his mouth. I can’t wait for him to find a family that will appreciate him for the goofball he is!” He would love to your one and only. Learn how to apply for him here.

Maybe you prefer more of an independent and outspoken partner. A four-year-old feline name Taryn would be a purr-fect fit for you. She is waiting at Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter in Alabama waiting for you. See how you can adopt her here.

There is a special pet for everyone including dogs who will greet you at the door after a long day from work with a wagging tail to cats who will completely ignore you until they want something.

They all just want to be loved.

Visit BISSELL’s website to search for a participating animal shelter in your area. True love is found at animal shelters. Go meet your new best friend and be sure to share photos of your furry valentine in the comments.

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