This Bird’s Evil Villain Laugh Is so Contagious that it Spreads Happiness to its Family

A home is a place where your troubles should be relieved — a place where you’re comforted after a long day. The house becomes homier when surrounded by people and things you love, and it should serve as your safe space where your heart feels at peace. Your home should be showered with happiness and laughter — creating an ambiance that is good for the body, mind, and soul.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Pets can be a good source of joy at home. That is why most families adopt a pet — the home feels more complete with their presence. Dogs, birds, cats, and even exotic pets are adorable companions at home. However, this also depends on the personality of the pet you’ll adopt. And for this family, they found the right bird, which has a very contagious condition. Molly, the cockatoo, can easily make anyone laugh. Even if she doesn’t do anything, her villainous laugh alone is already funny.

The family who adopted Molly is lucky to have her in their lives. Happiness will never be absent at home — they’ll laugh the stress away. Molly is known as the crazy bird in the family, with how hilarious she is. She also loves to play with them — hide and seek is her favorite game. Molly just brings out the inner child of those around her. The entire house is their playground. They would just go around, talk, and Molly would answer with a unique evil villain laugh.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

While Molly searched for them, she would let out a crazy laugh and chase whoever she found. “She has such a big personality. She’s just the life of the party,” Betty shared. The family even brings Molly out for car rides, and she just starts singing for fun. She will also randomly scream for no reason — Molly loves scaring people with her cute quirks. But before she became the fun bird she is now, Betty shared that Molly had a different personality.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“When we got her, she didn’t trust us. But she was really in love with my older son from the minute she met him,” Betty explained. “He could pick her up, comfort her. She was not afraid of him at all. She has favorite songs, and he plays them and sings them to her.” Molly trusts Betty’s son so much that she allows him to flip her on her back. Their relationship is endearing, and it’s great that Molly found her comfort person. Betty’s son played a huge role in helping Molly get out of her shell — to be confident and be her natural, fun self.

The two have such a wonderful bond that Molly treats him in an exceptional way. Their bond also helped Molly get closer to the other family members. From just staying beside Betty’s son, the family can now take her almost everywhere. Molly has earned a family that can play and has crazy fun with her. Betty shares videos of Molly on her TikTok account with the name birdprozac. You can follow her to get a dose of happiness from Molly. Her contagious villain laugh is music to the ears.

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