Curious Bird Photobombs Weather Report Live On TV

You never quite know what you’re going to get when you turn on a livestream or live television segment.

Anything can happen, and when nature is involved, you may end up seeing something you weren’t expecting.

Viewers of KTVU’s weather report in San Fransisco got quite the show when they tuned in live and watched the report be photobombed by a curious bird!

Photo: YouTube/KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco

The incident happened a few years ago when Mark Tamayo was reporting on the weather over the bay. He had a camera up that captured the live view of San Fransisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

He was reporting as usual when he was completely caught off guard by a bird that popped its head into the shot!

Photo: YouTube/KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco

The bird was curious about the camera, and from the angle the bird looked at the lens, it appeared that the bird’s head was massive.

Mark took a second to recollect himself and let the bird be the center of the show for a moment, completely taking away from the weather report. No matter though, the bird got its 15 minutes of fame!

Photo: YouTube/KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco

Eventually, the bird had satisfied its curiosity and flew on to the next thing.

Check out the hilarious footage below:

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