Concerned Father Bird Saves Chicks From A Crocodile

Let’s be honest, nature is pretty intense. The natural world is not a place for the weak as we’ve seen on countless occasions through nature documentaries.

It can be heartbreaking to watch an animal get taken down by a predator, but that’s just part of the cycle of life. It really is a case of survival of the fittest.

Photo: YouTube/Nature on PBS

But every so often, there can be an incredibly lucky moment caught on camera. Close calls in the wild are quite intense and keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch, rooting for the animals to escape death. And one such tense clip also features the power of the paternal need to protect.

As seen in a snippet from the PBS series Okavango: River of Dreams, one feathered father is quick to step in when he notices that his chicks are in danger.

Photo: YouTube/Nature on PBS

It’s hard not to get attached to the animals that are featured in nature documentaries – in many ways they’re just like us, just trying to survive and raise their families. Paradise, a big-footed African jacana, is like any other dad when he notices that there is danger nearby. The concerned father immediately jumps into action to rescue his two young chicks from a crocodile, without a second thought to his own safety.

Paradise and his chicks were out on the river when he noticed that they weren’t alone. There was actually a crocodile nearby, hidden beneath some lily pads, waiting for one of the chicks to wander too close.

Photo: YouTube/Nature on PBS

Fortunately, neither chick became an entree for the waiting croc, as dear old dad quickly tucked each one beneath one of his wings so that he could walk them back to safety.

As the video explained, “This devoted father saves his chicks by tucking one under each wing.”

Watch the incredible rescue down in the video below:

What do you think? What is the most dramatic or intense moment you’ve ever witnessed on a nature documentary or in the wild? Let us know!

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