Billie Eilish Posts a Tribute to Her Childhood Pet Pepper After She Passes

Billie Eilish is best known for her singing, but she also had a special friend, and she recently passed away.

That friend, Pepper, was her childhood pet. She had spent 15 years of her life with this dog, and it is likely that she doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t part of it.

Billie recently went on Instagram to post a touching tribute after the loss of her ‘lifelong best friend.’ That tribute has touched many people’s hearts, as the loss of a pet is one of the more difficult things that any pet owner has to go through.

In the tribute, she spoke about how she would see her sweet girl again someday. She also spoke about how Pepper had made it 15 years, referring to her as a ‘beast.’

Pictures of Pepper Moved Her Followers

It wasn’t just the words that touched our hearts, it was the pictures of Pepper and the history that they shared together. It’s easy to see how a dog this adorable would capture your heart and wrap it around its paw.

The words that she wrote moved many of her 110 million followers to express their sympathy. They also posted stories about their own dogs and how much that relationship meant to them.

Photos: YouTube / E! News

It wasn’t just Billie that was affected by such a loss. Her brother, Finneas, also went on Instagram to give tribute to the family dog.

He said that she was a ‘good, good dog’ that provided a lot of love for the family.

We hope that the entire family is comforted after such a tragic loss.

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