The World’s Worst Bike Thief Meets the World’s Friendliest Dog

When you are a thief, you can expect to be caught at any moment. Living a life of crime is not a life for most people, simply because of the stress that is associated with it.

That isn’t even to mention the fact that it is morally wrong and you could go to jail.

Photos: YouTube / ABC 7 Chicago

Every once in a while, however, even a thief has to show their softer side, and that is what happened when one was pulling a job in San Diego.

When the video starts rolling, we see the thief standing in a garage and preparing to steal an electric bike. We’re not sure if the homeowner left the garage door open or if he somehow got it open, but it seemed like an easy job.

Perhaps the homeowner was not very concerned about a thief coming onto his property because he had a big dog. As it turns out, that big dog was nothing but a big softy.

The thief was preparing to steal an electric bike, which is worth about $1000. As he was making his getaway, however, the family’s golden retriever showed up.

Photos: YouTube / ABC 7 Chicago

I don’t know if you have ever met a golden retriever, but I don’t think they have a mean bone in their body. This one proved that to be true because he did something totally unexpected.

Rather than coming up barking and growling to chase the thief away, he rolled over and let the thief rub his belly.

Not only is it funny because the Golden retriever acted this way, but it’s also hilarious because the thief took time to get to know the dog and pet him.

In the end, the thief made off with the electric bike, and they have not yet caught the perp. On the other hand, the dog will have to live down the shame of not protecting the family valuables in a time of need.

Then again, maybe they should stop using the electric bike and take the dog for a walk on occasion. A little bonding may help if the thief decides to show back up again.

Watch it happen in this video:

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