Sweet ‘Couch Potato’ Lab Mix Still Waiting for Forever Home After Two Years with Rescue

Mom, sometimes called Big Mom due to her 85-pound frame, is aptly named. She’s sweet, a calming presence, and always there with a little snuggle. Her son, with whom she was rescued, found a home some time ago. She’s still waiting, after two long years.

Mom – a black Lab mix – has been in the care of Texas-based Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue while she waits for her own permanent home, spending time with a few different fosters in the meantime. One of those fosters, Nancy Byron, says she ended up with her for a somewhat odd reason.

Byron explains, “She went to a foster, where she was for about a year, and then the foster returned her because she doesn’t like going for walks. And God, I live for dogs who don’t want to go for a walk. So I was shocked.”


Yes, Mom is a certified couch potato. She’s definitely not a doggie fitness instructor, preferring to quickly do her business outside, maybe have a quick dash around the yard, and bark at the fence, but that’s more than enough for her. Besides, there’s something more alluring waiting inside after her outdoor excursion.

Byron says, “She’s like, ‘I’m ready to go back inside for my treat.’ I mean, how easy is she to take care of? But she’s very sweet… I’m like, come on, big girl, come and get some loving, and I’ll sit on my back step and she puts her head in my lap. And, you know, she wants her rubs, and she likes to be brushed. And she likes when you fuss on her. She just has a sweet soul. How do you really explain that? Some dogs you just connect with.”

She says that sweetness is coupled with some timidness, something she’s not used to seeing in larger dogs, and she’s got lots of experience, owning dogs herself and fostering for Cypress Lucky Mutt for many years. Mom had to warm up a bit when she first arrived at Byron’s house, but she quickly melted into an affectionate pooch. There are still some things that spook her, though, like bad weather.


Like most dogs in a new environment, there will need to be some compression time to adjust to her new home, but Byron says once she sheds her shyness and gets to know you, Mom will be a fantastic buddy with whom to lounge the day away.

She explains, “She’s just so easy to have around. She’s not one of those jump all over you for love dogs. That would be bad, especially for her size. She’s just very easy to have around. Anybody that adopted her could expect her to spend a lot of time lounging on her dog bed. I’m sure she would also love to lay on the couch and watch TV with you, especially if that involves treats. If you’re eating popcorn, she’s eating popcorn. You know, that type of thing. AND you don’t have to walk her, so…”

For the most part, brushing, bathing, and buddying up would be her maintenance routine in a forever home, which is something she’s been hoping to find for some time. In Byron’s work as a foster, she’s unfortunately seen many dogs struggle with this, particularly big pooches and pit bulls.


Fortunately though, Cypress Lucky Mutt ensures that all of their rescue charges enjoy life to the fullest while they wait. Many of their lives were actually saved by the rescue. Cypress Lucky Mutt ensures that every dog in their care gets needed vet care, from vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, and heartworm treatment to whatever other issues many of the dogs enter the rescue with. They’re always prepared to take on those tough cases, often from harsher areas of Texas, and get those pooches back on the right track. That track often includes a trip to a forever home out of state. With their own air-conditioned van at their disposal, the Houston-based rescue does at least one transport to the Northeast per month. Sometimes more, all to waiting adopters.

They’ve done and continue to do all they can for Mom, as well, but they’re really hoping this sweet girl finally gets the happy ending she deserves.

Byron says, “I would just like to summarize Mom as a very deserving dog who has been overlooked for far too long. Mom will make somebody who is not looking for a pup or a super active dog – just somebody to chill with – the absolute perfect companion. I think she’s perfect. She’s good with other dogs, she’s easy to be around. She’s not super needy. She’ll definitely keep you warm at night if she sleeps in your bed. I just think whoever adopts her would be so lucky.”


Recently, Mom switched to foster care with the rescue’s president, Crystal Kiddy, a mother of two young kids. Kiddy’s got something to add, too: Mom – true to her name – is also wonderful with kids.

If you’re interested in possibly making Mom a member of your family, Cypress Lucky Mutt’s contact information can be found on their website. You can also visit their Facebook page. If you’re ready to submit an application, the form for Texas residents is here, while the form for those who live in the Northeast is here.

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