The Best Time to Purchase Pet Insurance for Your Fur Babies

Being a pet parent can get pricey, particularly if they fall ill or become injured. When accidents and serious illnesses occur, many people can no longer afford to care for their animals. This often results in prolonged and unnecessary suffering, surrendering them to shelters, or worse yet, abandonment. To avoid all that, it’s recommended that you get pet insurance, especially if you care for a breed known to have medical issues.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Certain dog breeds are known for having allergies that lead to skin issues and ear infections. The former can lead to itchy and uncomfortable skin that can become infected due to excessive scratching. The latter can lead to death if left untreated long enough. Frenchies fall within this category of ailments. Other breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, a painful condition that affects bulldogs, mastiffs, pugs, and many others. Worse yet, golden retrievers are well-known for getting cancer.

golden retriever puppy
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Affordable Pet Insurance

According to experts in the field, there are three specific times when purchasing pet insurance makes the most sense and is the most affordable. The first is when the animal is young. The next — and this relates to the first — is before any pre-existing conditions rear their ugly heads. The next is when you’re on a budget. We’ll outline the wisdom of each here.

Insuring Young Pets

The thinking behind this should be obvious, but you can purchase insurance cheaper when you’re younger and healthier. As we age, our doctor visits increase. Insurance is like a gamble. You get it on your car in case you’re in an accident. You buy it for life in case you die so your family isn’t left penniless. The same goes for health insurance. The older you get, the more expensive it gets. Insurance companies prefer a safer bet.

Pre-Existing Conditions in Pets

Without a crystal ball to foresee the future health of an animal, it’s tough to know what might be coming down the pike. Another thing you should bear in mind is that, unlike humans, insurance companies can still discriminate against pets with documented pre-existing conditions. If your pet is currently healthy and not on any long-term medications, now is the time to get pet insurance.

special needs dog
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Budgeting for Pets

If you’re already on a budget, an unexpected illness or injury can derail everything. You have to know how much you can afford to divert to these types of issues. If you can only swing a certain amount in a week or a month, then look for an insurance plan with payments that coincide with that budget. For instance, you can get fairly inexpensive insurance for about $15-$40 a month for cats and $30-$70 per month for dogs. Note: It pays to shop around.

Local Animal Shelters

If you’re on disability or surviving on Social Security, unexpected pet bills are the last thing you can afford. When you’re out of options and pet insurance isn’t in the cards or even a remote possibility, turn to your community rescues and shelters. Some of them have programs to try to keep pet parents and their fur kids together through low-cost or even free assistance. This can include food, pet supplies, vaccinations, microchipping, and even limited medical services.

At The Animal Rescue Site, we know your pets are an extension of your family, but we also know that their medical expenses can put a serious drain on your wallet. That’s why we’ve chosen PetPartners to provide excellent coverage for your pets and peace of mind for you. By requesting a free, no-obligation quote today The Animal Rescue Site will feed 100 pets. If you move forward with purchasing a policy, it will help feed 1,000 pets and vaccinate another 30! Explore your options here.

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