Meet Bessie, The Oldest Living Person In The United States

Meet Bessie Hendricks, the oldest living person in the United States.

Born in 1907, Bessie has seen more in her lifetime than most people ever will and she’s still going strong!

Photo: YouTube/KCCI

Since being welcomed to the world in 1907, Bessie saw 21 presidents, two world wars, the sinking of the Titanic, multiple plagues, the Great Depression, and so much more. And she’s not even done living yet!

In fact, she recently celebrated her 115th birthday at Shady Oaks Care Center in Lake City. All three of her surviving children joined her for the party and celebration.

Photo: YouTube/KCCI

Shady Oaks Care Center made a Facebook post to celebrate her 115th birthday. They wrote:

“We all wish Bessie H. a very happy birthday for her 115th! She’s had an awesome day celebrating with her family and friends. The cake, flowers, gifts, and cards made the day extra special. You are amazing, Bessie, and we all love you.”

In an interview with a local news outlet, Bessie’s daughter, 90-year-old Joan Schaffer, said: “I don’t know how you put it into words. It’s marvelous that we still have her.”

You may think that someone must have had an easy life to make it to 115, but that wasn’t the case for Bessie. According to KCCI, her mother died when she was just 13, leaving her to raise her siblings.

Photo: YouTube/KCCI

Her son, Leon Hendricks, said, “She’s always caring about her family. She always did that. Family came first to mom. Always.”

What a beautiful woman, and a beautiful moment she got to celebrate surrounded by family.

Check out the video below:

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