Clever Beluga Whale Finds A Way To Retrieve His Ball At The Aquarium

I think that all of us would agree that animals are smart, but sometimes, they really show just how smart they can be.

That is the case in the following video that was shared on Twitter and has really made a splash in more ways than one.

Photo: Twitter/SeekersCosmos

The video is of a caged Beluga whale that lost his ball. It seems as if he wanted the toy back, and he came up with the most ingenious way to retrieve it.

Since being shared, the video has been viewed almost 5 million times and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. Quite simply, the Beluga whale shows just how smart he is when he retrieves his ball in a way that is truly thinking outside of the box.

Photo: Twitter/SeekersCosmos

The video is not long, but it shows the Beluga whale popping up out of an aquarium and looking at a yellow ball that is just out of reach. Obviously, the whale would not be able to reach out and grab the ball but he does the next best thing.

He comes up with a mouthful of water and sprays it against the wall and his toy, causing the ball to bounce off of the wall and back in his direction. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the first time but the whale is not deterred.

Photo: Twitter/SeekersCosmos

For the next minute or so, he continues to go underwater to get another mouthful and come up to spray it in that direction. It isn’t long before his efforts pay off.

When the ball reaches an area that is close enough, the whale reaches out and grabs the ball with his mouth and disappears back into the water again.

This isn’t only something adorable to see, it also shows just how smart Beluga whales can be. According to the, Beluga whales have a large brain and significant intelligence.

Conservationists and animal rights activists have been working for decades to keep these sentient, intelligent beings out of aquariums where they’re usually exploited for profits, but it’s sadly still an issue the species faces.

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