You Can Watch 60,000 Beluga Whales Migrating From The Arctic Into Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to watch nearly 60,000 beluga whales swimming from the Artic Ocean into Canada, now’s your chance!

Beluga whales are making their annual migration from the Arctic Ocean to the Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada and there’s a livestream capturing the event.

Polar Bears International’s beluga cams went live on on Friday, July 15 (also known as Arctic Sea Ice Day).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Polar Bears International, the organization used a research boat called Delphi to carry two live cameras to capture the migration.

One of the cameras was placed on the deck and it films the water’s surface to capture beluga whales from above. The second camera was placed under the water to capture the migration from below the surface.

Photo: YouTube/Explore Oceans

Each year, when the waters thaw during the summer, around 57,000 beluga whales swim to the Churchill River in Manitoba, Canada, which runs into the Hudson Bay, according to Polar Bears International.

The organization has livestreamed the migration in the past and they’re doing it again this year, but with new and improved equipment. The livestream both provides entertainment and education for public viewers and allows researchers and conservationists to monitor the health of the migrating populations.

Photo: YouTube/Explore Oceans

Beluga whales are pretty fun to watch.

You can tune in to the migration for the rest of the season live on here, or check out the livestreams below!

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