Environmentalists Attempt To Help Beluga Whale Trapped In A French River

You wouldn’t expect to see a Beluga whale in France, but one has managed to make it up the River Seine, and he was hungry.

The whale was first spotted on August 2. He was miles away from all of his companions, and environmentalists were concerned that he may not have enough to eat.

Recently, the whale was spotted 44 miles from Paris. They recognized he was hungry and officials worked to get food to him, partnering with environmentalists in the process.

According to Sea Shepherd France, the situation was complex due to the whale’s hunger paired with its seemingly declining health. Authorities noticed that the Beluga had some “skin changes” that indicated a sign of poor health.

Sea Shepherd France updated the public on the situation via Twitter.

In one Tweet, it said (translated): “To all those who care about the fate of the beluga: keeping your distance is essential. Help us to help it by respecting these instructions, the interest of the animal prevails over curiosity.”

They eventually made a plan to move the Beluga, but it wouldn’t be easy. It took a lot of working parts and contemplation to make the move as successful as possible.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of rescuers, the Beglua whale didn’t survive.

Sea Shepherd France tweeted (translated): “It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the beluga did not survive the translocation which was risky, but essential to give an otherwise doomed animal a chance. Following the deterioration of his condition, the veterinarians took the decision to euthanize him.”

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