11-Year-Old Rescue Pig Enjoys First Walk Around Her New Home

When rescuers with Ziggy’s Refuge in North Carolina heard about Belle the pig, they knew they had to step up and help.

Belle spent her whole life being neglected, and she was on the brink of death when help finally arrived.

Photo: TikTok/@ziggysrefuge

Rescuers with Ziggy’s Refuge weren’t sure if she’d survive the ride back to the sanctuary, but she pushed through and made it.

Ziggy’s Refuge shared on TikTok that Belle is around 400 pounds underweight and suffers from ulcers and pneumonia. Her condition was so severe when they met her that she had to be on 24/7 emergency support.

Photo: TikTok/@ziggysrefuge

“She’s still in critical condition, but she’s happy here,” they shared.

At first, Belle was too weak to walk. But after a few days, she started to gain some strength back. Finally, she was able to enjoy her first walk around her new home! What a special moment.

Photo: TikTok/@ziggysrefuge

Belle finally knows what it’s like to be loved, fed and cared for. She has a long road to recovery left, and there’s still a chance she won’t make it. But she’s already defied the odds!

You can see Belle’s freedom walk below:


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Ziggy’s Refuge shared an update on August 7, showing that Belle is still alive and recovering. While she’s not out of the woods yet, they’re giving her the best fighting chance possible.

It’s not easy making up for 11 years of neglect, but they’re doing the best that they can, and Belle is proving to be a fighter.

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You can follow Ziggy’s Refuge on TikTok for updates: @ziggysrefuge.

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