Family Adopts Special Puppy Not Realizing She Also Needed A Special Chair

When we bring a dog into our life, we are doing more than buying a pet, we are adding to our family. Many of the dogs that we call family members will have every benefit open to any other member of our brood.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if everything goes well with the relationship or if there are some bumps along the way, we do what we can to make things work out.

Photo: YouTube/MegaBella917

That was something that John Yerty learned when he adopted Bella, an adorable little puppy who also came with a problem.

As they shared on YouTube, when the Yerty family brought Bella home, it didn’t take long before they realized she had a problem swallowing food. She would try to eat, but she couldn’t do so successfully. They decided to take her to the vet and learned that she had a life-threatening condition.

It can be difficult when you have a new member of the family and suddenly, you realize that they have a serious problem. For Bella, it was a problem she was born with called megaesophagus.

Photo: YouTube/MegaBella917

It is a type of birth defect that causes the esophagus to experience difficulties. As a result of the enlarged esophagus, the dogs are not able to swallow the food that they chew while they are standing on all fours. If something isn’t done quickly, they will not survive.

John knew that he was facing some problems with Bella, but he also knew that it was his responsibility as a loving pet owner to care for it. That is when he started searching and he found something called the Bailey Chair.

This special device was born out of love. Someone else had a dog who had a similar problem and they designed the chair to allow the dog to sit upright while eating. As a result, the dog was able to swallow.

Photo: YouTube/MegaBella917

They decided to get the Bailey Chair for Bella, and she was eating in no time at all. She started gaining weight and now is doing wonderfully!

You can watch Bella eating in her special chair in this video:

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