Rescue Beavers Turn Backyard Puddle Into A Serene Pond

If you know anything about beavers, you’re likely aware that they spend a lot of time in the water. They build dams and use their teeth to cut impressive-sized trees, but they also have quite a way of using their paws to build too.

That was recently seen in an adorable video of a pair of beavers turning a backyard puddle in a pond to play in.

Photo: YouTube/Holley Muraco

PhD conservationist, wildlife researcher and beaver rehabilitator Holley Muraco regularly shares about her life with beavers on her YouTube channel.

She rescues and rehabilitates the wild animals to get them ready for life on their own, and she documents the journey for others to see.

Photo: YouTube/Holley Muraco

In a recent video, you can see two of her rescue beavers, Sawyer and Finn, teaming up to “turn a favorite mud puddle into a pond.” Holly said in the video, “Beavers are excellent excavators.”

While a puddle may not seem like much, Sawyer and Finn see the water as nothing but an opportunity! They slowly and meticulously get to work trudging through the muck and carefully excavating the mud to make way for more water flow.

Photo: YouTube/Holley Muraco

It’s strangely peaceful to watch.

If you’d like to see the two beavers hard at work for yourself, check out the sweet video below:

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