Rescue Beaver Creates Indoor Dam Using Holiday Decorations

A sweet rescue beaver was caught on video being hard at work building a Christmas dam!

The little beaver lives with a wildlife rehabilitator after losing her parents as a newborn.

Photo: YouTube/Holley Muraco

Holley Muraco shared a video of the beaver busy at work on his dam explaining that he was orphaned as a newborn. Tragically, both of her parents were killed and their dam and lodge were destroyed.

Holly explained, “Beavers are classified as nuisance animals in many US states and can be killed anytime. Beavers need to spend 2 years with their human rehabbers. They need to have lots of opportunities to practice instinctive behaviors.”

Photo: YouTube/Holley Muraco

In the video she shared, you can see the beaver playing a fun game of “build a dam” inside the home and she used whatever she could find, including Christmas toys, a Christmas tree, wrapping paper, and other various items.

It appears there’s even some Christmas ribbon mixed into the bunch!

Photo: YouTube/Holley Muraco

Holly added, “This beaver enjoys playing this game inside the house but lives with the other orphaned beavers outside most of the time. We hope you fall in love! This misunderstood and unique species needs lots of it!”

Check out the video below to see the beaver’s holiday dam for yourself:

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