Giant Newfie Dog And Bold Cat Become The Best Of Friends

Cats and dogs are known to be enemies, but the truth is, they can get along quite well. Just take Belle the Newfoundland and Bears the cat, for example.

Those two live in Denver, Colorado with their human mom, Emily, who loves sharing their antics on social media. ‘

Emily regularly posts photos and videos of the two BFFs cuddling together indoors or lounging outside. Of course, they can also be seen playing together and getting into some intense sibling rivalry!

In an interview with The Dodo, Emily said that she wasn’t sure how Bears the cat would react to having a new canine sister in the house, but the first time they met, they became like family.

The two nuzzled heads and that was that. They became BFFs.

When Belle needed knee surgery, Bears was right there cuddling her after. And when Bears needed a minor surgery down the line, Belle was there to support her.

Emily said, “I feel so lucky to be able to experience their love and their connection.”

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Bears and Belle on Instagram, @bearsandbelle.

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