Sneaky Black Bear Caught Thieving Package From North Carolina Porch

With the holiday season comes an unsettling uptick in porch pirating. People wait for Christmas presents to be delivered and then sneak onto porches and steal them. It’s a real problem and one that a woman in North Carolina faced.

Mary McClear was away from her home when a package of food was swiped right off her porch. While it’s easy to assume it was a human who snuck up and snagged the box, her security footage showed otherwise!

Photo: Facebook/WLOS ABC 13

WLOS ABC 13 posted the 25-second Ring footage on Facebook with the caption: “Check out this porch pirate — of the furry kind!”

WLOS ABC 13 explained in the Facebook post that Mary McClear received a box of bagels, cream cheese and salmon from a friend. The food was shipped all the way from New York City to McClear’s home in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Photo: Facebook/WLOS ABC 13

McClear said, “Well, we left early for an event and the box was delivered after we left. We had a visitor help himself!”

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the black bear is the only species of bear found naturally in the state. While black bears were once a rare sight in North Carolina, conservation efforts have brought their numbers back and they can now be found regularly throughout 60% of the state.

Photo: Facebook/WLOS ABC 13

With winter hibernation approaching, it’s no wonder the bear is looking for a bite to eat!

Check out the clip below:

Have you ever encountered a four-legged porch pirate before? Let us know!

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