Bear Caught On Camera Stealing Cupcakes From Connecticut Bakery

Employees at a Avon, Connecticut bakery were stunned when they showed up for work and found a bear chowing down on their baked goods!

Taste by Spellbound shared about the incident in a Facebook post, saying that they have a loading garage in their Avon, CT location where goodies are put into vehicles to be transferred to various shops.

Photo: Facebook/Taste by Spellbound

They said, “[Maureen] was on the West Hartford side of the van, looked up and saw a bear staring at her from the South Windsor side. All the sudden we hear her screaming bloody murder and then yelling ‘there’s a bear in garage!'”

Maureen proceeded to run to the kitchen “as fast as she could and slammed the door that goes into the loading area and held it tight. The bear then MOVED one of our fridges in front of the door. We all were stunned for a second trying to figure out what to do while she held the door shut. I immediately called 911. Lisa then had a brilliant idea to go out the front and get in her car to drive around back and she started beeping her horn like a crazy person. She finally got him out and Maureen ran to the garage to close it as fast as she could.”

During the ordeal, the bear destroyed around 60 cupcakes and “a bunch of coconut cake.”

Taste by Spellbound later shared a 35-second video on Facebook after the bear was caught on surveillance.

Photo: Facebook/Taste by Spellbound

They explained in the post that they’d opened the door of the bakery in preparation for making shop deliveries. They added, “We’re not irresponsible…We all have had a good laugh about it at this point and think the bears are cute.”

Check out the video below:

According to the Washington Post, wildlife officers eventually caught the bear, relocated and released him. Thankfully, he wasn’t euthanized for the incident.

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