This “Goldilocks” Wasn’t a Girl — This Time It Was a Bear

When someone breaks into a house to eat and sleep, one fairytale character comes to mind — her name is Goldilocks. She went inside the loving home of three bears, ate their porridge, slept on their beds, and sat on their chairs. Funnily enough, there is a modern-day version of that story. However, the tables were turned. Recently in Simi Valley, a bear was the Goldilocks in the news.

Photo: Pexels/Janko Ferlic

According to reports from the Simi Valley Police Department, residents called about bears lurking around their area. It happened for two consecutive days, each with a different story. The first report was on September 3, 2022, and the bear was found in the 5700 Block of Cherokee Cir. The bear wasn’t just searching for food; it swam in the pool. For this reason, they contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The next day, the police received a report from the 2600 block of Blossom St. A mother and son locked themselves inside the bedroom to be safe from the bear who entered the house through an open kitchen door.

When the police arrived, they brought a launcher to help them scare the bear. The team observed the bear first and saw that it was scavenging for food — it even ate an entire cake. To avoid further damage and potential danger, they scared the bear away. It ran outside, went up the backyard fence, and climbed a tree. After assuring it was safe to retreat, the bear disappeared into the hills. Due to what happened that weekend, the Simi Valley Police Department shared the story on their Facebook page.

The police department wrote a lengthy caption that included the reports and what residents should do to prevent bears from lurking around. They also reminded residents to stay calm and not approach the bear when it’s in their vicinity. Along with the reminders is footage of the bear from recent reports. The video showed how it escaped through the backyard fence, and it was also seen that a dog tried to scare it off, too.

Photo: Facebook/Simi Valley Police Department

Many people reacted and commented on the police department’s post. The SVPD was praised in the comment section for handling the situation well without harming the bears. Other people also pointed out the possible reason bears scavenge for food, which was indeed concerning. “This drought is killing so many animals in the wild. They can’t find water or food as a lot of the vegetation has withered up. Sadly we’ll be seeing a lot more of this. They’re just trying to survive,” Carleen Peak commented.

For this reason, it is essential to let the authorities manage bear trespassers instead of scaring them on your own. Those bears were only finding ways to survive, and they are having a hard time with the current situation in the area. Take note of the reminders from SVPD’s post and share them with those who might need them as well.

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