Woman Surprises Boyfriend With Stuffed Bear Made From His Late Mother’s Sweater

Losing a parent is one of the toughest things people go through. Parents are there for us through thick and thin, from the moment we’re born. But one day, they’re gone. Nothing can prepare you for it and many people never fully overcome the grief associated with the loss of a parent.

One girlfriend had an idea to surprise her boyfriend, who’d recently lost his mom, with a special, sentimental gift to remember her by.

Photo: TikTok/@jewleetah

She shared a video of the surprise on TikTok, and his reaction is priceless.

In the clip, you can see the boyfriend opening a box and pulling out a teddy bear. The stuffed bear is made of green fabric with colorful stitching. It’s really cute, but what makes it really special is that the material is actually his mom’s old sweater.

Photo: TikTok/@jewleetah

At first, the man doesn’t realize what he’s holding. As soon as he realizes it, his smile drops and he fights back tears.

Needless to say, he loves the gift.

Photo: TikTok/@jewleetah

Nothing can ever replace or make up for the grief of a lost loved one, but kindhearted and sentimental gestures can make a world of difference.

You can watch him opening the gift in the touching video below:

@jewleetah The face change when he realized 😩😭🥹 @jinsbears ♬ original sound – Juless

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