California Homeowner Catches Bear Cooling Off In Jacuzzi Amid Heat Wave

A California homeowner was surprised to discover a bear taking a dip in their jacuzzi!

The Burbank Police Department shared a video of the bear on Facebook, who can be seen sitting up in the jacuzzi like a human would.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/RogerHam License: CC BY 3.0

The department said, “This #bear is beating the heat in Burbank! Officers are on-scene after the bear was spotted in a hillside neighborhood before taking a dip to cool off.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, temperatures reached around 92 degrees Fahrenheit the day the bear was discovered in the jacuzzi of a house in the foothills of the Verdugo Mountains.

Photo: Facebook/Burbank Police Department

Many people turn to pools and bodies of water to escape the scorching heat, and animals are no different!

The Los Angeles Times reported that, in addition to the local police responding to the call about the bear enjoying a dip in the hot tub, representatives from the Burbank Animal Shelter and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife also responded to the scene.

After the response team arrived, they watched the bear eventually exit the water and climb a nearby tree. Eventually, the bear fell asleep in the tree, and the police and animal control left.

Photo: Facebook/Burbank Police Department

Thankfully, the bear was able to enjoy his dip in the jacuzzi and escape unscathed. I’m sure it was a startling event for the homeowner though!

You can see the bear for yourself in the video below:

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