Woman Puts Up Hammock for Mother Bear and Cubs to Enjoy

No matter how soft and cuddly bears are, it’s still best to keep a safe distance when encountering one. They may look like giant stuffed toys, but they are wild and might mistake your approach as a threat. Those who live near wildlife are careful not to disturb their living arrangements. Humans and animals can be neighbors as long as respect is present. It’s also best to call for authorities or professional assistance when you need help dealing with wildlife to avoid accidents. Another approach is to prevent entry by installing extra security around your place.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Sometimes you don’t have to chase wild animals away, primarily when they don’t intend to harm you. Bears are often driven by their curiosity — roaming around, especially when something captures their attention. Although terrifying, it’s still interesting to see them explore. That’s why instead of immediately chasing them away, it’s advisable to observe first. You have to know their intention before you respond. Bears will leave on their own once their inspection is done and their curiosity is satisfied. In some cases, bears visit with their family, mainly mothers with their cubs. A woman named Amy experienced that encounter, but she interacted with them anonymously.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

A family of bears became regular visitors to her backyard garden. Instead of scaring them away, she observed the lovely family from the cameras in her yard. The mama bear was named Bertha, and she was joined by her two adorable cubs, both called Darryl. After a day of teaching her cubs about basic survival skills, Bertha would bring them to Amy’s garden. It was a shock for Amy when the bears appeared, but they became a highlight of her life. Since she has grown to love those little visits, she thought of leaving the family items they can enjoy. Amy generously accommodated them from afar — giving toys to the little ones and a bathtub for mama bear.

To make her guests even feel more welcomed, Amy installed a hammock in her yard. Seeing the family enjoy their stay became a source of happiness for Amy. Her garden suddenly became a leisure place, and through the years, it hasn’t been just Bertha’s family but also other bears. However, Bertha and the two Darryls were her favorite visitors, hence the little surprises for them every day. Her efforts were heartwarmingly appreciated by the family. It’s fulfilling to provide a safe space for animals, especially young ones. Visiting Amy’s backyard might have been the family’s favorite bonding time. You could tell that after watching the video below.

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