Wild Bear Brings Her New Cubs to Meet Her Favorite Human

Mothers have the strongest protective instincts for their children. Humans or animals, the hardworking mamas ensure that their offspring are well-provided for and safe. No threats could ever pass them, as it is their natural instinct to protect — the baby must survive at all costs.

Mother bears are one of the most protective species and have excellent maternal instincts. They’ll surely attack anyone who poses a threat to their little cubs. But if you are a friend, she’ll introduce them to you — just like Simone the black bear from Asheville, North Carolina.

Photo: Youtube/Patrick Conley

Black bears are usually overprotective of their cubs, but Simone was excited to introduce them to her human friend. She trusts her human best friend so much that she doesn’t see him as a threat.

Simone has an interesting friendship with Patrick Conley. One day, the black bear just surprised him on his porch. Apparently, the female black bear has already visited Patrick’s home over the years. Due to frequent visits, he and Simone have become the best of friends.

Photo: Youtube/Patrick Conley

Simone visited Patrick again recently, but she was not alone — two precious little bear cubs were with her. Their arrival on Patrick’s porch was caught on camera. The scene was too adorable as Simone waited for her babies. At first, they were a bit hesitant to enter the premises — it seemed like Simone checked out first if there was a nearby threat. Once the coast was clear, Simone and her little cubs took their first step on the porch stairs.

Photo: Youtube/Patrick Conley

The family stayed there for a while. It was incredible how confident Simone was about bringing her cubs into a human’s house. The porch became like a playground for the little bears. It looks like this mother bear just wants to stroll around and introduce her kids to her life. And since Patrick is an important person to her, she wants all of them to meet.

Getting a surprise visit from your bear friend and her little cubs can truly melt your heart. Mother bear sees Patrick as a kindhearted person that would never hurt innocent animals. And somehow, it’s a form of validation that you’ll rarely get from a protective mama bear. The video was uploaded on Patrick’s Youtube channel. You can watch it below.

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