Bear Cub Tumbles Down Waterfall While Learning To Fish In Viral Video

Peak salmon migration occurs in late July in Brooks River, Alaska and attracts the brown bears of Katmai National Park. Countless bears can be seen in the river and mostly at Brooks Falls hunting for salmon.

One of’s bear cams placed at Brooks Falls to observe the bears captured a heart-stopping moment for a mama brown bear known as 910 and her cub.

The two were among several other bears searching for salmon in the water. 910 has her own way of enticing the salmon with a “special dance”. However, she wanted her cub to learn to catch fish, so she brought the cub to the falls where it is easier to catch salmon.

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National Park Service states, “The falls creates a temporary barrier to migrating salmon which gives some bears the opportunity to catch many fish with little effort.”

They were perched on the ledge of the falls and peering into the water when the cub suddenly slips into the turbulent waterfall.

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With bated breath, Mama watched as her cub resurfaced and eventually made its way out of the current. She rushed down to ensure her cub was ok. shared the video with the caption, “Who else held their breath watching this?”

For the past 10 years, their bear cams have allowed people from around the world to tune in and watch as the brown bear devour fish in preparation for winter.

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Thankfully, the drop is not as far as other waterfalls. Adult bears are seen leaping off the ledge into the water below like in the video below.

910 and her cub are doing well and filling up on salmon while it is plentiful. Check out the adorable video and Mama and her cub sharing a meal.

Bears have several different fishing styles from “sit and wait” to “dash and grab” to “snorkeling”. Cubs will mimic their mother’s fishing style, including their body stance as you can see in the clip below. 910’s cub lifts its paw in the air just like Mom as they fish for salmon. How adorable!

The cub is an active little one and loves to climb trees and play “junior ranger” by inspecting the trail cams. “910’s cub jumps up to the lower Brooks Falls camera lens and noses and paws at it,” wrote

Katmai brown bears are most active during the day, so relax by watching them fish live here.

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