GoPro Captures Black Bear Attacking Mountain Climber On Mt. Futago

An alarming video taken on Mt. Futago in Chichibu City, Japan shows a black bear ambushing a climber and attacking him from above.

The video was shared on YouTube by a channel called Attacks Climber.

Photo: YouTube/Attacks Climber

According to a Japanese mountaineering company, the climber, who’s from Tokoyo, wished to remain anonymous but he did share that he was in his 40s and had been climbing for some 8 years.

He had been on top of a rocky ridgeline after hours of climbing and hiking when he decided to descend a particular route. The company shared, “Although Mt. Futago is not high in altitude, the summit ridgeline is sharp and rocky, making it a difficult route for advanced climbers.”

Photo: YouTube/Attacks Climber

As the climber began his descent down the ridgeline, a black bear sprung from above and attacked!

In the video, you can hear the man loudly yelling as he punches and kicks at the bear. The bear falls below the climber but comes back for a few more attacks before giving up and moving on.

Photo: YouTube/Attacks Climber
Photo: YouTube/Attacks Climber

He shared on YouTube: “Instead of fear, I switched to the feeling that if it was coming, I had no choice but to face it. Keep screaming and intimidating. Pound with Hammer Fist. Front kick.”

He added that looking back at the video, he believes the bear was possibly trying to keep him away from a cub. He said, “I invaded bear territory, but since they attacked me, I defended myself with self-defense.”

As soon as the bear was out of sight, the climber scrambled back up to the top of the ridgeline and left the area.

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