Friendly Otter Befriends Curious Beagle In Adorable Evening Ritual

It’s not unusual for animals of other species to become friends. Usually, those animals live in the same house as pets.

There are classic animal friends, like dogs and cats, and then there are rarer pet friendships like this cat and rat.

Photo: YouTube/sasslang

While even more unlikely, it’s not unheard of for pets to become friends with wild animals they meet while out and about. Sometimes a dog may befriend a deer or a even a bird, but some dogs make even rarer friendships with wildlife.

Just take Rio, for example. The beagle mix started an evening ritual with an unusual friend, a wild otter.

Photo: YouTube/sasslang

Rio’s grandma, who goes on YouTube by sasslang, shared in a video that the river otter comes up to play with Rio through the fence.

Rio’s grandma shared, “What was once an acquaintance on the other side of the fence has now become a friend who comes to play through the fence. It has been interesting to watch as their trust of each other has developed over the past several months.”

Photo: YouTube/sasslang

It may unconventional, but the two really seem to have hit it off! They roughhouse and seem to have a blast rolling around and playing together.

You can watch Rio and the otter interact in the video below:

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