Beachgoers Rescue Pelican Trapped In Fishing Line

It’s a sad fact that our oceans are under threat by human interference. There are many threats to marine life, such as plastic as well as various abandoned fishing lines and nets.

As a result, oceanic creatures often get tangled up and it ends with them perishing. Sea birds are also at risk of getting tangled up in abandoned nets or fishing lines which can end up causing them serious injury or worse.

Photo: TikTok/@salty.and.sunkissed

For one pelican, time was running out when a couple showed up just in time to lend a hand. Serena and her husband were out enjoying a day at the beach with friends when something caught their eye. It turns out, it was a distressed pelican who’d become entangled in a fishing line.

The pair and their friend went to investigate and quickly realized that they needed to help the animal or else it would not end well for the large sea bird. So, they sprang into action.

Photo: TikTok/@salty.and.sunkissed

Serena managed to capture the entire rescue on camera, later posting it to social media. On Instagram, she wrote, “We spent the afternoon at the beach and Shaun and our friend Nathan saved a pelican. Poor thing was tangled up in fishing line.”

While the act of heroism from the group was already lucky enough, there was another serendipitous twist that definitely makes you think that this rescue was just meant to be. Apparently, on that particular day at the beach, Shaun – Serena’s husband – had packed a knife. It wasn’t something that he would usually carry on him at the beach, but for some reason, on this day he ended up bringing it with him.

Photo: TikTok/@salty.and.sunkissed

How lucky is that? They were able to use it to cut the line.

Serena said in the caption, “Later I asked Shaun if he always brings a knife to the beach and he said no. I’m so glad he had one on him this time.”

Watch the incredible rescue down below:

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What do you think of the pelican rescue? Have you ever been a part of rescuing a sea bird before? Or do you know someone who has? Let us know!

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