Got Pesky Avians? Get Yourself Some Goose Busters!

Geese are frequently used as guards due to the incredible commotion they cause and their ferociously protective natures. In fact, they’ve been used as guard animals throughout the centuries. One of the earliest examples we have of geese being used for pro­tection dates back to Ancient Rome in 390 BC. They and peacocks were also purportedly used to guard imperial palaces in Asia.

In 1986, the U.S. military was said to have realized the potential for “guard geese” at its European Air Defense installations, which led them to install 900 of the boisterous birds at strategic locations across Europe.

Geese as Guard Animals

Today, a few different provinces in China use them in place of dogs for guard duties. But what if you want to deter them, not invite them onto your property? One of the most effective routes taken these days for thwarting them without harming them is through the use of dogs. That’s right. Much like the lady in Montana training Finnish Karelian dogs to run bears off, border collies are employed for giving geese the bum’s rush.

shepherd dog herding geese
Photo: Pixabay/Pixel-mixer

Geese Relief

One company, in particular, is known as Geese Relief. According to their website, “border collies are extremely effective in keeping geese out of areas where they are considered a problem or a nuisance. Border collies are the method of choice to get rid of geese in large open areas such as golf courses, airports, parks, school grounds, recreation fields, corporate parks, etc.”

white geese
Photo: Pixabay/Elsemargriet

Geese Police

In Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio…the list goes on and on but they’re all using border collies to remove the birds without harming a single feather on their heads. Geese Police, a New Jersey-based business, has been around since 2014. They’ve grown so popular they branched out into other states, like Massachusetts, where they’ve been used in Boston and other places.

Both private property owners and municipalities have gotten on board with the non-lethal method of geese control. Elliot Oren, who works for Geese Police, noted that the company “provides humane and effective goose harassment services.”

herding dogs
Photo: Pixabay/JGaland

Goose Be Gone!

So, why are people so keen on the idea of keeping them at bay? In addition to their aggressive attitudes, they leave large droppings everywhere, create property damage, and they can get fussy at the drop of a hat and start menacing you or your pets.

Geese are also said to have something called “high fidelity,” a natural instinct to return to the same spot each year where they were hatched, which can become an issue in residential areas.

geese and shepherding dog
Photo: Pixabay/Skitterphoto

PETA Endorsed Pest Control

Oren reiterated that the goose control technique the company uses is humane and even PETA-endorsed, as it “taps into the geese’s natural fear of predators without hurting them.” They liken it to sheep herding, as the border collies mimic the body language of predators like wolves or foxes, but in these cases, it’s driving geese off from specific sites without harming them.

So, if you’ve got bothersome birds, don’t shoot at them with air rifles. Get yourself a border collie to do the dirty work for you or maybe even rent one from the professionals.

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