Bathing Beauty Lexsa Can’t Wait for Summer and Adoption

A handsome girl who can’t get enough pool time in her life is looking forward to summer heat while planning for her inevitable adoption. Currently residing in Arizona, she’s sure the heat will come, but she’s a bit concerned about the adoption part. You see, when swim weather rolls around this June, she’ll have been a resident at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson for a full year, and no animal should have to wait that long for a forever home!

This lovely lady and her brother were abandoned by one owner and then taken in by another person for about six months. They were loved in that home, but it wasn’t the right fit, and they did not have a secure yard. Regardless, Lexsa is a pretty popular girl around PACC with staff and volunteers alike. Speaking of which, here’s what some of her volunteer pals have said about her:

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Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

“Lexsa came in with her brother, Beamer, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time with them since then. Lexsa listens well to commands and is a very treat-motivated and smart girl that needs someone who will give her some structure in her life. Lexsa has a lot of potential, and she will make an amazing companion for someone who will continue to work with her!”

“Lexsa is easy to leash, and leaving the kennel area is a breeze without distractions. I usually take her and her kennel mate to a yard together. Lexsa loves to lie in the pool and play with a tennis ball if she can find one. She sits perfectly for treats and takes them nicely from my hand. Lexsa is also very soft, and loves butt rubs and back scratches, often leaning in for more!”

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Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

“Lexsa is one of my favorites. She is a love bug who loves water, and playing ball, and cuddling. She could use a big yard since she’s a big girl!”

“Lexsa has been at PACC for quite a while, and she could really use some time away from the shelter in an adoptive or foster home. She loves to play with a tennis ball, aka happily carry it around in her mouth, tail wagging, chomping away at it! She enjoys being pet and loved on, and she loves to have her neck and butt scratched! She’s such a beautiful girl who has been waiting so patiently for her perfect match!”

“Lexsa is the sweetest, happiest girl with the best smile. Today we had a nice walk, and I gave her some well-deserved love. Lexsa is such a friendly girl! She will make an amazing companion for the right family.”

adoptable dogs
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

There you have it! Lexsa is truly the sweetest girl who just wants love! She’s spayed, approximately 3 years old, and weighs roughly 69 pounds. When meeting other dogs in playgroup, Lexsa was tolerant, appropriate, and mostly kept to herself. She’d like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it’s a good fit. She’d love to go to a home with an active person or family who will include her on their adventures and one with a secure yard to keep her safe and sound.

If you are interested in adopting Lexsa and/or her brother Beamer, please email with any questions or to request an adoption application. She’s in Kennel D202 with her brother, and her ID# is A781671. Beamer’s ID# is A781533.

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