Never-Ending Stream Of Bats Emerging From A Cave In Mexico

There are some things that you simply must see for yourself. This is a phenomenon that might seem too bizarre to be real, where one might think of ‘aliens,’ yet we have genuine video footage of it.

I have memories from my childhood where I was completely baffled by some things that I saw. Blame it on innocence or just plain cluelessness, but the internet back then wasn’t as reliable or as readily available as it is right now. I particularly remember when I first encountered a picture or maybe a video, I’m not entirely sure, of what I know now as murmuration. That blew my mind.

PHOTO: Pixabay/Unachicalinda

Actually, murmuration has nothing to do with this article, but I felt that this is a more known phenomenon to people and the thing that I’d like to talk about is somewhat similar to this.

But instead of small birds that gather in the sky, did you know that bats are capable of moving in the same uniform way that starlings do when they murmurate?

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the correct term for this bat behavior is swarming, and it happens every fall “as the bats congregate around their roosting sites either as part of mating behavior or to teach young bats where to find a decent hibernation site,” they said.

This behavior was luckily captured on a video posted on Twitter, and the views it gathered are now over 6 million. They described the swarming as an endless river of bats emerging from this cave, aptly named Cueva de los Murciélagos (Cave of the bats).

Nothing much can be said about the video itself, but people are in awe of the tweet.

The science side of Twitter is left wondering how much “insect biomass is needed every day/night to feed these many bats,” they commented. While another user replied, “and just imagine how inundated by insects we’d be if the bats were gone. Terrifying.”

“That is a beautiful sight. Bats are so important to our planet,” another short but sweet comment under the tweet said.

Learn more about bat swarming in the video below.

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