Redditor Mom Asks How To Properly Use The Slang “Based” Just To Mess With Her Kids

The holidays are the time to meet up with family and friends. If that’s not you cup of tea, then just a simple dinner with your family to celebrate is fine too. But what do people do during these gatherings?

Usually, it’s just sharing stories that happened during the year – casual conversations and so on. But conversing with the younger generation can be a bit tricky with all their modern slang and whatnot.

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Like any other parent or relative, one can assume that they always want to bond with the kids any way they can. Such is the case for this Redditor, u/Ali_Lorraine_1159.

She posted on the NoStupidQuestions subreddit about a word that youngsters seem to use frequently nowadays.


“Can anyone please tell this 41-year-old how to use the word based in a sentence?? I think I know what it means, but if someone says something profound, do I say ‘that’s based’….. or just ‘based?’ The last time I busted out the word ‘sus’ for my kids, they died laughing. Maybe I can redeem myself,” OP wrote.

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According to Urban Dictionary, based is a word used when you agree with something; or when you want to recognize someone for being themselves. To answer OP’s answer, I think it’s okay to use both but just saying “based” itself is fine; it might even sound cooler actually. (But that’s just the opinion of someone who’s also not that into using slang, so why am I even including my opinion here anyway?)

As I read the comments though, maybe I can still be “hip with the kids” and use slang?

The top comment had 2k upvotes, just slightly below the original post that had 2.2k upvotes. They said that you can just say “based” the next time you agree with someone’s opinion.


Am I doing it right? We can all be cool too, I promise!

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Check out the original post below and read the comments section full of puntastic jokes!

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