On a Tight Budget? BarkBox Just Announced Set Prices on Dog Food For the Life of Your Pet

As rising prices and increased pet surrenders continue to make the news, BarkBox just announced its intention to lock in prices on dog food brands for the duration of your pet’s life. This could actually be of great help to people who are struggling right now. If you’re not familiar with BarkBox, it’s a fun subscription service where each month your pet or pets receive a box crammed full of goodies, like toys, treats, and pet food samples tailored to your doggos. You get to set the preferences, so it’s not a random haul of unwanted goods and products.

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BarkBox to the Rescue

It’s BarkBox’s way of trying to inflation-proof prices for its regular customers. The new delivery service is being called Bark Food. They’ve designed breed-specific dog food recipes to choose from that are meant to benefit your pet. BarkBox notes that they’re offering your dog the same price for its entire life when you choose “Subscribe & Save,” which saves you an additional 5 percent. They add, “BARK Food isn’t the cheapest you’ll find, but it’s high-quality with a competitive price that will not change, even if you feed it to your dog for 15 years. You can also change the flavor or formulation and we’ll honor your original price. How this is possible? At BARK, we make all of our own products. By not paying expensive middlemen, we have more control over our costs, which is why we can make this offer to you.”

Cheaper is Not Always Better

When you’re out of options it’s easy to resort to the least expensive brand you can find like Old Roy, but it may not be best for the health of your pet if the nutrition levels differ much. That’s why you should ask your veterinarian what risks, if any, are associated with switching up diets like this. There might not be any for short-term changes, but the animal’s age and health may be a factor. For this reason, it pays to ask.

Tip: When switching pet foods, it’s a good idea to do so gradually to avoid upset stomach and/or diarrhea. On the first day, try adding a half cup of the new food to their old food and gradually increase it over the coming days until the old food is phased out. This gives their systems time to adjust.

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Pet Food Prices

By the same token, pricier is not always better, either. So, again, consult with a veterinarian before doing anything drastic. If you’re already a BarkBox member, this could be just what you’re looking for. You’re already familiar with the service and the quality of its products, plus it’s delivered straight to your door. That’s hard to beat. Click on the link we’ve provided above for more details on whether the offer might be right for you and your pets.

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